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Ever since the rise of the Great Power "China", it has changed the economic situation and structure in the World. At the same time, it has also changed the Global economic model driven by Online interactive consumption. The World now is as one without boundaries. Today, the connection and cooperation between the new economy and the block chain has revolutionized. The form of economic interaction, commonly known as "Online" and "Offline", has changed the traditional business model of global enterprises, especially on product sales and product diversity, from a single country or a single brand became globalized, international and diversified.

MAX LUCK is then born for consumer, driven by the new economy, who pursues consumption freedom, equality, high quality, high price-value ratio and high convenience in purchase. MAX LUCK established a high-end internationally certified commercial platform with diversified products from cross-border and cross-disciplinary. It is also a new concept platform for searching strategic partnership with quality manufacturers. This platform leads you to find quality international certified products and reaching end consumers. We are certain that today should be the era for businesses to abandon low-price-competition. Instead, we should seize the rare opportunity of consumption upgrade to improve brand structure and enhance the value in the industry. At the same time, the consumers today are not only concerned about the size and price of products but also quality, safety, value and convenience.

MAX LUCK's scope of business is global and international because our goal is "cross-disciplinary and cross-border". We searches high-end, internationally certified, high quality and rare products in all areas. Then jointly manage import and export across different block chain. Products range from agricultural products, nutritional supplements to quality consumer goods. We have branches in Hong Kong, Thailand, Jiangsu in China etc. while the head quarter is located in Bangkok, Thailand. MAX LUCK is committed to providing the most reliable and high-quality sales cooperation and strategic partnership strategy for Asia Pacific and Greater China, with revolutionary creativity.


  • Agricultural products

    Product range included with USDA Organic and EU Organic Certified vegetables, fruits, poultry meat and eggs. More

  • High Quality Can Food

    Products range from agricultural products, fruits and fish etc.

  • Nutritional Supplements

    Those included world class high quality nutritional supplements for nowadays busy urbanites.

  • High Quality Consumer Goods

    Gadget products, Skincare, Personal hygiene products are all our favorite products. And we also welcome those good quality products to join us.




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